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Bezant was established in 1995 on the island of santorini in order to present the best of designs at the best values. The jewelry presented here ranges from Greece's byzantine period necklaces with a modern twist, to sculptural creations executed in titanium and enamel. All these jewels have in common is that they are the best of their genre to be found in the marketplace.

The artists we present here are among the best and most recognized in Greece. Some of them are well known in the European community as well. There is no single esthetic, as our jewelry embraces diversity. One of the artists presented uses titanium and gold, another uses silver or gold wire woven in a mesh, and a third uses uncut gemstones set in gold 18K and sterling silver. Like many fine artists most of our jewellers execute special orders in which clients and collectors have a voice in the creation of a wholly individualized design in the signature style of the artist.